Custom Balusters

Island Custom Stairs has over four decades of experience in offering custom balusters. We use classic designs that will complement the architectural features of any custom staircase we create.

Should you want thicker balusters to create a more classic, traditional, regal, or colonial design, Island Custom Stairs Inc. can turn your vision into a reality. As some clients prefer the look of thinner balusters, a more contemporary and graceful design can be achieved using pickets or metal balusters. When using custom balusters, we understand that small details create the ambiance that will take your staircase and living area to the next level.

Our custom balusters go beyond the functionality purposes of supporting the handrail system. Balusters are a design element that made its first appearances within Greek and Roman empires as well as Assyrian palaces. Derived from the French word balustre, architectural design features within staircase systems dating back to Western Civilizations have been preserved today.

If you have any additional questions about balusters or balustrade we'll be happy to assist. Our Long Island showroom located in Medford, NY has many popular baluster samples to choose from. Island Custom Stairs looks forward to working with you on your next stair project.