Custom Stairs

Measurements are always taken prior to determining which staircase would be the most appropriate for your home. With respect to the areas size, choosing a design or various combinations is the next step. Island Custom Stairs offer a variety of box staircase styles which include: housed stringer staircases, open stair assemblies, box and open stair combinations, bowed step assemblies, and bullnose steps for added style and decorative design. Whether finishing a basement or adding a dormer, our custom built box staircases have remained popular through the years and give our clients greater flexibility during the customization process.

Island Custom Stairs also specializes in split-level stairs to navigate around tight areas or to redirect traffic within your home. The most popular application for split level stairs is when a dramatic platform is created within a foyer, entrance, or grand room. This classic design can bring a new level of elegance into your home. Platform stairs between split-levels are manufactured within our factory and structural support is always taken into consideration during production. Last, winder stairs can be utilized when space is at a premium and a full sized platform would be too large. Using combinations of styles presented, can create unique, creative, and functional designs to bring value to your property.

Island Custom Stairs is Long Islands premier curved staircase manufacturer. Creating custom curved staircases is an art that has been perfected by Christopher L. Brett for the past four decades. All curved stairs and circular wooden staircases are manufactured within our factory and contain at least one curved stringer. Curved and spiral staircases generally take longer to manufacture as there is a layering and curing process involved. Guides, templates, and clamps, ensure accurate angles. Island Custom Stairs specializes in creating spiral staircases to add style or to utilize stairs when space is a concern. With the use of 360 degree turns, spiral staircases significantly reduce the amount of surface area utilized.

Clients will have a choice of lumber for their custom staircase. Our most popular wood choices are: pine, red oak, white oak, American cherry, poplar, white hard maple, mahogany, or any desired species that can be ordered specially. All wood used for stair treads is checked thoroughly for wormholes, knots, or cracks. We take great pride in building custom stairs and servicing clients on Long Island and